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The new service is called "Morning Briefing" and is powered by Stockpulse.

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The "Morning Briefing" extends the 4-year lasting cooperation between Interactive Brokers and Stockpulse. To get access to the AI report, click on the link below.


Click me The misconception between truly Artificial Intelligence sentiment-powered strategies and the so-called "AI sentiment" labeled strategies This newsletter aims to map out the current landscape of AI-powered ETF or index concepts based on social media sentiment and NLP Natural Language Processing.

We see a persistent change in the landscape of ETFs and Indexes.

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Asset managers are pursuing innovative strategies to attract the retail community into investing in new and exciting asset classes. Social Media Sentiment analysis and why it is essential for the future For years, analysts, institutional investors, professionals, and everyone in between relies on consumer sentiment to measure the economy's overall health based on consumer opinion.

The economic indicator takes into account people's feelings towards their current financial health position and the short- and long-term vitality of the economy.

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Today, with the advancement of AI and Deep Learning methods, we should recognize and standardize the fact that retail trading sentiment offers a valid indicator of the health of financial markets.

Since most providers of such products concentrate on data from a few sources, such as Twitter, Stocktwits, or Reddit, the general expectation is that the performance of these approaches Bitcoin Investment Group Discord be very similar because the underlying data is the same. One question remains: Why do some of these approaches perform much worse than others, especially within the past six to 12 months?

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Comparison of Approaches USF MEME The MEME Index consists of 25 equal-weighted U. Both are considered components of market sentiment. Under the high-pitched social media activity, the following can be understood, "the number of times a company or its ticker is mentioned on specific social media platforms. This is a more conservative and simpler approach to display the sentiment of retail investors as this index is exclusively focused on Twitter-generated user data only.

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