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In the seminar students will learn how to use quantopian platform to analyze investment problems, create algos and backtest them.

The participants will move step by step and every week will be given a small task to complete. At each meeting, randomly selected students will present their work, telling fellow students how they approached the problem, what were the challenges and how it was solved.

Students are encouraged to ask questions and discuss relevant points and challenges they are facing in order to improve mutual learning. Students will communicate online and offline with the project supervisors Beneficious Investment Management and other students on project-related issues. Students wishing to earn extra credits, can take the course in the form of a topics course.

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This will require the same steps as the seminar as well as completion of an individual research based on learned techniques in the seminar. Individual research will be about exploring the real world phenomena, creating bespoke investment strategy, backtest and optimizing it.

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Um sich korrekt auszuweisen, bringen Sie bitte zur Quantitative investment strategies Ihre UniCard UND Ihren Personalausweis mit! Anrechnung Die Veranstaltung kann von Studierenden der Studiengänge M. Economics, M. VWL sowie M. Mathematik belegt werden.

2023 Quantitative Investment Strategies Summer Analyst Program

Economics kann das Seminar in der Profillinie "Finance" angerechnet werden. Master-Studierende der Mathematik des Profils Finanzmathematik können den Kurs als wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Wahlpflichtmodul verbuchen.

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